SkinEscens is all about the essentials.

The idea for SkinEscens began when founder and marketer, Dominic Symes, found an interesting tendency in the skincare industry. As a father of two daughters- and skincare enthusiasts- he grew to learn what every beauty company was promising their consumers: better complexion. But the goal is not about creating perfection. It’s about finding a routine that is simply personal, and therefore exceptional.

What Dominic discovered is that regardless of who you are- skin type, age, and all- there are two essential steps that every skincare routine needs: Exfoliation and hydration. Proper exfoliation of the skin removes the barrier of dead skin cells clogging the skin and uncovers fresh new skin cells. Having hydrated skin helps to improve skin elasticity which reduces the appearance of wrinkles, helps even skin tone, and more… The combination of both steps formulated with botanicals and backed with science is how SkinEscens was created.

SkinEscens isn’t a “ditch the rest” because we’re the next kind of brand. Because our two formulas aren’t meant to compete. They are designed to compliment your already robust skincare wardrobe. Our advanced formulas harness the combination of high-tech science and botanicals, giving your skin exactly what it needs to improve it’s complexion.

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A Note From the Founder