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Our Story


Our Story

Unlike most skincare stories, I started SkinEsens with the desire to create products for a specific group of people: triathletes. Because sprained ankles and worn muscles aren’t the only thing they worry about it; Skincare is another. Have you ever noticed how many triathletes have such badly damaged skin at such young ages? Wind, rain, dirt, chlorine, sweat, and harsh climates take an immense toll on our skin- which in turn, affects our bodies, too. As an avid cyclist and swimmer living in Southern California for the last 20 years, I recognized the effects of sun damage and dehydration in my skin. I found it difficult to find a product on the market that gave me the hydration and attention my skin needed. 

I started SkinEscens because it’s hard for endurance athletes to find products that work as hard (and as long) as they do. I set out to formulate two products with their specific needs in mind. Natural, hydrating, lightweight and sustainable. With the rigid training schedules and food fuel regimes of endurance athletes, incorporating a skincare routine would need to be simple, quick and highly effective. Our 2 products aim to do just that.

Our Rejuvenating Facial Powder is gentle enough to use 3-4 times a week, helping to remove old skin cells and unclogging pores, removing dirt, and preparing the skin for moisture to penetrate more deeply. The Intense Hydrating Gel uses hyaluronic acids to replenish moisture to dehydrated skin and improve collagen and elastin, which decrease at a much quicker rate for athletes training at a professional volume. The two work together to give triathletes the kind of love their skin needs, without taking up too much time or requiring a lot of thought.

If you are a triathlete, cyclist, swimmer or someone who’s sporting life is always outside in the elements, using sunblock is not enough to get the job done protecting your skin. Your skin deserves to be taken care of. At a minimum, at least as well as you take care of your bike.

-Dom Symes, Founder and CEO

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