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Our Journey

Our Journey


“Our Journey” was fuelled by desire and passion, combined with the uncompromising belief that beautiful skin care could be achieved with the essence of simplicity – and so SkinEscens® was born. We started by asking ourselves a simple question: is the plethora of products offered by skin care companies today really necessary, if you want the best for your skin?

The answer from our team, which comprises a renowned cosmetic scientist, a cosmetic entrepreneur and an exceptional marketeer, with over 100 years of enormous success in the skincare and cosmetic business, was an emphatic “no”; indeed, why confuse the consumer with tens of products, many of them offering duplicate functionality, when a minimalist high tech approach would yield maximum results?

Being passionate about women, we understand that they are forever having to perform a balancing act with little or no time to care for themselves. We wanted SkinEscens® to be uncomplicated, so rather than providing many solutions for the same problem, we decided to offer a single solution for the specific skin care needs that consumers face today... and so the essence of “Simply Exceptional Skincare” was born.

It is not how many products are applied but rather their quality and frequency of use. A skin care routine needs to be an integral part of life and the more our products are used, the better the results will be.

Women are tired of being told how they should look and that ageing is taboo. We subscribe to the philosophy that beautiful is beautiful, irrespective of age. So we set about formulating products, without any price limitations, using optimum natural and scientifically advanced ingredients, the very best the world has to offer, to develop a sensorial, delightful, easy to use regimen for women to enjoy.